Mended Hearts Indy is an animal welfare organization based in Indianapolis, IN.

It all started with a handicapped pit bull, Joey, who was adopted from Escondido Humane Society in 2006.

Joey was born with a condition called Swimmers which has necessitated some non-traditional medical care. We love this dog with all our hearts, and it created a soft spot for animals with medical conditions.

We began fostering for various rescues and shelters, including dogs with heartworm, mange, severe emaciation, and other conditions. We have rescued dogs off chains and taken in numerous strays.

Mended Hearts Rescue came to fruition when our founders, Aaron and Nichole, decided to rescue a blind lab/shar-pei mix from a high-kill shelter in Gary, IN. Ray has a joie de vivre that is inspiring.


We hope to continue to share the love and joy that rescued pets bring to our lives.

We do not accept owner surrenders except in rare circumstances. We believe that when you adopt a pet, you commit for the animal’s entire life. We will be happy to help you find resources in order to keep your pet in the home it already has – yours.

Instead, we choose animals who have no voice – animals who are in shelters or found as strays.