We LOVE shelter pets. Almost all of our adoptable animals started out in the shelter. Our adoption fees are higher than Animal Control, because we don’t receive any tax dollars to offset the cost of caring for these animals. We don’t “make money” on adoption fees. In fact, most of our rescue budget comes from fundraising and kind supporters. Our adoption fees are $150 for dogs, and $65 for cats, regardless of age, breed or capability of the pet.

Here’s what you get when you adopt an animal from Mended Hearts Rescue:

All of our animals are fully vetted, including parasite treatment, heatworm tests, spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping. Our pets are on heartworm preventative until they are adopted. While we can’t guarantee they won’t have other ailments in the future, we cover all the basic veterinary care that many shelters simply can’t afford to do.

Our animals live in foster homes as part of the family, so we know their behavior around dogs, cats, people, kids, etc. We can tell you what the animal’s personality is like, what they are afraid of, and make recommendations as to what pet would fit best with your lifestyle. Our dogs are crate trained and housebroken or working on it (for the youngins!).

Our adoptable animals are already used to a home environment, so they understand that it’s time to settle when the sun goes down, and that begging at the dinner table isn’t okay. We work with them on basic training so most of the dogs have a few commands under their belt. They are properly socialized and there are few surprises.

We help to ease the transition into their new home by offering phone or email support for our new adopters. Our adopters can call or email us about food, housebreaking, behavioral challenges, or any other concerns that may come up with a new pet. We are happy to help you for the life of your adopted pet.