We believe that great pet owners, like our pets, can be of different ages, capabilities, financial means and living situations.

We don’t require that you own your own home, or that you have a fenced yard. These things make an adoption much easier, but we are willing to work with you to find the right pet for your situation.

However, we do require the following:

  • The adopter must be over 18
  • We must confirm any pet policies with the landlord prior to adoption
  • The adopter must agree to a home introduction with all residents and pets present
  • The adopter must be willing to abide by our rules regarding confinement and control of the animal (i.e. no offleash walks)
  • The adopter must be willing to commit to this animal for the rest of its life

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption for any reason, regardless of whether or not the applicant meets the above minimum criteria. Our responsibility is to find suitable homes for the animals we rescue. Our experience gives us an idea of what kind of a home would be the best fit for an animal based on it’s personality. There may be times when a potential adopter simply isn’t suitable for the animal they have asked to adopt. We will always be honest about why we are refusing an adoption.

Out of Area Adoption Policy
Our preferred adoption area is within a 2 hour drive of the home city of the animal available for adoption. We will consider an out-of-area adoption application if the family has no other animals and is willing to drive to meet the animal, or the location is within reasonable driving distance of the rescue location so that one of our representatives can be present for introductions with the resident animals. Preference will be given to local adopters as we feel strongly about the ability to provide support for the animal for the duration of its life. We will not ship animals.