Amelia was owner-surrendered as a euthanasia request due to her age. But, age is just a number…not a medical condition. The vet refused to euthanize her because there was nothing medically wrong with her, and we are so grateful. She’s been with us for a year and a half, and truly brightens each day with her gentle but protective spirit.

Mostly Amelia snoozes and snuggles, but when her foster brothers get to playing, she turns into the fun police! She is convinced that they are having fun all wrong…and she’s probably right. Those boys do get carried away with their foolishness. ?

One of Amelia’s other duties is captain of the neighborhood watch, and she takes this very seriously. No one gets near the house or backyard fence without Amelia sounding the alarm. Haha, dangerous criminals and nefarious squirrels! You’ve been foiled again!

Amelia also makes an excellent weather girl. (Weather lady? Weather person? Meteorologist! That’s the PC term, right?) She can predict with pinpoint accuracy when the storms are coming. Perhaps some of the news stations would like to hire her? Just kidding…this sweet old girl is officially retired and strictly works on a volunteer basis.

Miss Amelia has started to slow down these days, and sometimes she needs help up, but don’t let her fool you. Get too close to “her” fence and you’ll find out just how fast she can still move!

We are truly blessed to have every moment we’ve shared with Amelia and so grateful that the vet knew she still had things to accomplish on this earth.