As many of you know, Gladys, Glorious Elderbull was a MHR Alumni, she was a senior Pit Bull who lost her fight with CHF in November of last year. We were devastated by the news and vowed we would find a way to honor her memory…

We have started a “Friends of Gladys Memorial Fund”, this fund will allow donors to donate specifically to the care of the senior animals we have in rescue, we will be featuring a special place on our website in the near future which will showcase each of our seniors and their stories. Many of our followers do not know we have taken in many senior animals over the past 3 years and given them a loving home, knowing they couldn’t be adopted due to their age, medical needs, and overall prognosis.

We are fortunate to have several foster homes who specifically take in senior animals who are not adoptable to live out the rest of their days in comfort. We specialize in rescuing animals of all ages, breeds, and capabilities, but this fund will allow us to continue taking in seniors and giving them the love and compassion they so deserve. This fund will allow us to care for these animals medically for as long as we are blessed to have them. We want to give them a voice and spread the mission of Gladys to adopt a senior pet, we also want to share with all of you each of these amazing animals who touch our lives and may not have otherwise made it out of the shelter.

If you would like to donate towards our Friends of Gladys animals: