In November 2011, just before Thanksgiving, one of our amazing volunteers, Donna wrote a “Dear Santa” letter on her Facebook page. She asked Santa for a dog, but not just any dog would do, she asked for an Elderbull (a senior pit bull) Very shortly after that Donna received a picture of an elderly Pit Bull mix who was at IACC (the local shelter in Indy). Our founder, Nichole had gotten an email asking if we could pull this particular dog from the shelter, she passed the info along to Donna after seeing her post and told her to be careful what she wished for For weeks before that Donna had been having strange dreams of her mother, who had passed on.. Her name was Gladys, which is who she would be named for.


The next night Donna met with Nichole at IACC to meet this senior dog who desperately needed out of the shelter. She passed all temperament testing and passed her cat test, so this seemed to be a no brainer! She was indeed pulled from the shelter and spent time at Nichole’s house until Donna returned from an out of town trip that had already been planned. Donna picked up Gladys to take her home on the morning of Black Friday 2011 and the rest is history… Gladys fought a battle with breast cancer early on and won! She was a constant at our fundraising events and attended other rescue events and Community Pet Days sponsored by Indy Pit Crew.

She was loved by SO many people, anyone who met her adored her. She started her own Facebook page to bring more awareness not only to our rescue, but especially to adopting senior pets and fighting breed specific legislation against the Pit Bull breed, she was an incredible ambassador for her breed. She also brought awareness to Canine Breast Cancer urging people to spay their dogs to save them from this diagnosis! She was thought to have spent a lot of her life up to this point as a “breeding dog”, guessed to have had birthed many litters and then ended up in a shelter.

Sadly her journey was cut short in November 2013 when she lost her battle to Congestive Heart Failure. But she had 2 of the best years with her amazing Mommy, Donna! We are eternally grateful to Donna for giving Gladys the life she so deserved and loving her beyond words. The loss of Gladys touched many in the rescue community as well as those who followed her Facebook page. Her legacy will live on saving others, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Below are some pictures of Gladys, along with one of her and her Mom… Run free sweet Gladys, we promise to continue to saving seniors and fighting against the discrimination of your breed. Until we meet again…