In Dec 2010, we got a call from a woman in Lafayette, IN, who had found an older yorkie running stray. She looked for his family for 2 weeks and then asked for help. She had two dogs of her own and couldn’t keep him. She was calling him Gizmo.

We don’t rescue many small dogs, so thankfully Indy Dog Blog‘s Jess and her husband were willing to foster him.

Gizmo, like many small breed dogs, required extensive dental care. We had to pull a number of teeth. Because he is a senior dog, our friends at VCA Beech Grove did a senior blood panel. They found that Gizmo needed to be on special food to avoid bladder stones as he continued to age.

Gizmo was ultimately adopted by DeeAnna, and renamed Max.


Here’s a recent email from DeeAnna:
Max is doing very well. He is improving each day.

Max is a great dog and he is so funny. We have definitely bonded, and he follows me around the house like a shadow. I love him to death and I am so glad that I adopted him. He has turned out to be everything I wanted in a pet and a companion. We are good for each other.

It is such a joy to come home after a loooong day at work and to see Max jumping up on his hind legs so excited to see me. When I pick him up and hold him close to my face, he now licks my face.

Congrats DeeAnna and Max. And thanks for sharing. You MADE OUR DAY!