Odin joins Friends of Gladys

15541285_1188011541248016_3920082276158729135_nA few months ago, we asked for your help paying for Odin’s hospital care when he had a terrible infection. He was found in horrible conditions by IACS officers. And, as always, you guys showed him lots of love.

Read Odin’s story.

Unfortunately, when Odin went in for his neuter surgery a few weeks ago, his routine blood tests showed that he was in renal failure. So, Odin will join our Friends of Gladys program as a hospice foster.

We don’t know how much time he has left, but we’ve got him on a special diet and he’s getting to live the life he SHOULD have had as a treasured family pet.

His foster family is also fostering Kaylie, a 16 year old elkhound ALSO in renal failure and ALSO in our Friends of Gladys program. Their hearts must be the size of Texas.15442123_1188011657914671_61291884545482452_n

His foster mom says “He’s honestly been the best foster we’ve had so far. It wasn’t a hard decision!”

Don’t you worry, Odin. We’ve got you. For however long you have left.

You can learn more about our Friends of Gladys program here.