If you have found a stray animal, please take the animal to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Obtain the animal’s intake number and email us We are a very small rescue and do not always have space, but we will do our best to get this animal out of the shelter and into a foster home with our group or another rescue. THANK YOU for caring about the animals.

Owner Surrenders
We do not accept owner surrenders, as we believe that when you adopt a pet, you commit for the animal’s entire life. We will be happy to help you find resources in order to keep your pet in the home it already has – yours.

If you truly must rehome your pet, please contact one of the city shelters:

Humane Society of Indianapolis
A private, not-for-profit shelter in Indianapolis. Also hosts a low cost clinic.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control
The city open-door shelter.

Rescue Transfers
If you are from a local rescue or shelter, we do accept transfers. However, we require our behaviorist to complete a temperament evaluation prior to accepting the animal. Please email us to arrange transfer.