Remembering Ruthie

15137426_1157854277597076_8723500269807889320_oYesterday, we had a different kind of freedom ride. Foster parents Mark and Khalie rushed to pick this urgent girl up from the shelter. She had been hit by a car and no one knew the extent of her injuries. They drove her straight to our pal Dr. Mark at VCA 86th Street.

When we got her to the vet, they discovered that her spine had separated near the base where it connects to the pelvis. At that time, she was still showing positive signs that indicated a possible recovery. She also still seemed to have a will to live.

We hospitalized her under Dr. Mark’s advice and waited to see what the next few hours would bring. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to wait very long. We got a call late last night that she had deteriorated quickly. The positive signs that she might be able to heal were gone and she was left with no feeling in her tail, anus or vulva.

The fight had left this sweet girl, whom we called Ruthie, and we made the decision to let her go. One of our board members rushed to be with her and Ruthie passed away with her head in Dawn’s lap.

imagesRun free, Ruthie. We did our best for you, sweet girl.