“Whoopie” was found running stray in Gary, IN. Our founder, Nichole, saw “her” photo on an email request for help for this scared, blind sweetheart and had to help. When we picked “her” up – whoops! “Whoopie” was a boy!

Renamed Sweet Baby Ray, he quickly captured the hearts of all the Mended Hearts volunteers – especially Nichole, his foster mom. In addition to being completely blind, Ray had a blocked salivary gland which created a large, fluid filled growth on his neck. Our usual vets were unable to fix the issue, so we were referred to a specialty surgeon.

The community rallied to raise the funds to pay for Ray’s specialty surgery, and the fantastic staff at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center took great care of him.

When Mended Hearts rescued a litter of puppies in October 2010, Ray quickly became “mommy” to these 7 week old pit bull mixes. His sweet, playful nature wins over even the most stubborn of dogs (and people!)

After 6 months in rescue, another volunteer suggested Ray be moved to another foster home. Nichole realized that she could not let this sweet boy leave. Ray was her “heart dog”. He was officially adopted on Valentine’s Day 2011. Ray and Nichole are inseparable, frequently napping together on the couch.