Why I Foster For MHR

Khalie, Mark, Chance and Dodge

By Khalie R., Social Media Coordinator

Fostering saves lives. Little did I know what an impact it made when I first started my endeavor with Mended Hearts.

I’ve always been a dog lover and am the proud mom to two rescue dogs (Chance & Dodge). I stumbled across a site on social media that other friends followed that a local shelter used to network with rescue organizations to find placement for their dogs in need. This was my first glimpse into the inside world of rescues and shelters. I saw so many sweet faces in need that just needed a chance and a place to crash until their found their forever home. After contemplating for some time, and having several conversations with my husband, we decided to try our hand at fostering. A post from that same shelter page steered me in the direction of organizations to contact and that’s where everything started!



I heard from board member of MHR in no time. She guided me through the ins and outs of how everything worked and was so nice to a newbie like me! In December 2014, we had our first foster dog come home. He was a pitbull mix that had been found as a stray and had patches of hair loss. The shelter wasn’t sure what was causing that so had reached out to rescues to get some help. It turned out they were the result of a burn or something similar and he wasn’t going to grow that hair back. Other than that, Ranger was a sweet, happy dog that deserved a great home! We have a lot to thank Ranger for – he was such an awesome dog and gave us the confidence to keep fostering.

I never realized before getting involved in rescue that not all dogs do well in a shelter environment and that not all dogs are going to be adoptable in those places for various reasons. Partnerships between different shelters and rescues make it possible for those dogs to get the extra care they need. I see dogs in need almost every day, and it’s kept me motivated to continue to help.

Mended Hearts has become a second family to me. I’ve met some of the best, kind-hearted people because of our great organization. Fostering and rescue has its ups and downs as many things do. The great things are really great, but the bad things can be really bad. It can be hard to go through it all at times, but would be impossible without the support of the awesome people of MHR. If you’re ever looking for a collective group that cares more than you could ever imagine, look no further than a rescue group. Mended Hearts Rescue is no exception!

Two years later, we’ve been able to foster fifteen dogs on the road to their forever homes. I couldn’t do it without the support of my awesome husband and the people of MHR. It’s one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done! So if you’re considering fostering or getting involved with a rescue– do it! To those out there that already do– thank you – I know you probably don’t hear it enough.

What we do for one dog might not change the world, but it surely changes the world for that one dog.